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Mac OS X Lion: What We Know So Far About Apple’s Next Major OS

If you have been closely following our blog, then you know that Apple's WWDC is just around the corner. And as the big day fast approaches, more speculations and rumors are propagating within blogs and message boards across the Interwebs. If based alone on the fact that tickets were sold out after just 12 hours, this year's WWDC is looking to be the most popular yet.

Mac OS X Lion
If anyone can recall, Apple has made an announcement that iOS 5, iCloud and the next major release of the Mac OS X, the Mac OS X Lion are going to be unveiled and that Steve Jobs will be delivering the keynote himself. Today we're going to tackle the next big operating system from Apple, the OS X Lion. What does Apple got in store for Mac fans? What can we expect from Steve Job's keynote?

Here's what we know so far regarding the Mac OS X Lion:


With the Lion, Apple stated that they will be integrating some features of their popular tablet, the iPad into the Mac OS X. Launchpad enables users to access their apps on the fly, instead of launching them through the Finder or from Stacks. It is worth noting that the layout of the apps looks similar to the iOS, to which they appear in a grid. In order to see multiple pages of apps, users will simply need to swipe, again ala iOS.

Lion Launchpad
Launchpad seems to appeal more to the aesthetic sense rather than being practical or intuitive especially since there are several application launcher apps out there that does it better. But it still better than launching your app from the Finder.

Full Screen Apps

Another feature from the iPad that was brought into the Lion. This feature allows the user to view any application at full screen, which means that you can work with it without any sort of distraction.

Lion Full Screen Apps
Viewing your app at full screen is as simple as clicking it and you can switch to another app through swiping the trackpad, all of this are possible without leaving the full screen interface.

Mission Control

Mission Control gives the user a bird's-eye view of every applications and programs that the Mac is currently running. In Mission Control, you will see of your open windows neatly grouped by apps, thumbnails and even your Dashboard.

Lion Mission Control
Apple's aim with Mission Control is to merge together Expose, Spaces and Dashboard. This looks like a very good feature to include as it increases ease of navigation and intuitiveness of the interface.

Mail 5

This is another feature from the iPad that was integrated into the Mac OS X Lion and it is a complete reworking of Apple's default email program, Mail. The layout is placed in such a way that your emails are listed in Conversation view and it certainly takes advantage of the Mac's widescreen display.
Lion Mail 5
Many users have abandoned using the default email program with the past OS X because there were simply so many alternatives that are better such as Postbox. But with Mail 5, Apple's default email client might just win back some users.


Versions, along with another feature that's included in Lion, the new Auto Save Feature, will ensure that you will never lose all your work due to power failures or unexpected shutdowns. Versions saves your work with every hour but you will be able to easily access those saved versions through an interface that's similar to the Time Machine.

Lion Versions
But take note that this feature will only work with programs that are compatible with Versions. An update to the iWork is expected that may enable compatibility with Versions.


AirDrop allows the user to send files to anyone around in a wireless manner. This looks to improve the Lion's file sharing capabilities by being able to send and accept files on the fly without configuring any network settings and other whatnots. This feature could definitely come in handy to an environment where file sharing happens often like in a workplace.

Lion AirDrop
The only drawback with this feature is that you can only send files to other Mac users who happens to be in the same WiFi network. But Apple might work to expand this particular feature by enabling the user to send files to anyone, anywhere as long as he knows the person's Apple ID.


With Resume you can restart your Mac without having to save or close your work and immediately get back to your work after rebooting. Resume saves the state of your Mac and restore them to the exact state which you left it before restarting. Now you do not have to start your work all over again.

Lion Resume
This is a nice new feature that would definitely be well received by many users. Having to restart your Mac (after a proprietary software update maybe) while in the middle of working with something is always annoying. This feature definitely offsets such problem.

So How Much Will It Cost?

By the time of this writing, no official price has been announced by Apple yet for the Mac OS X Lion. But there are many speculations that it might be around $99. For those who are upgrading from Snow Leopard, Apple will most likely offer significant discounts just like what they offered those who upgraded to Snow Leopard from Leopard.

Apple Logo Price
There have been some speculations as well that Apple might set an aggressive price point for the Mac OS X Lion. But since Lion is a major overhaul of the OS X, we are likely to see the price to be set at $99. All we can do is to wait for Apple's announcement in this year's WWDC.


These features are most likely just few of the many changes that are planned for the Mac OS X Lion. Apple is known for saving the best bits during their keynotes, so there are bound to be more surprises for Mac fans during the 2011 WWDC. Do take note that this is a major overhaul of the OS X, so Apple will surely treat the Lion as a landmark release for the Mac.

Everyone is sure to be excited as to what Steve Jobs have in store for us in this year's WWDC. So be sure to tune in with us for more updates about this huge upcoming event from Apple.

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