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Mac OS X Lion: To Be Released in July For $29 in Digital Format Only

As you all know, WWDC 2011 is well under its way. In fact, as of this writing, Steve Jobs is currently presenting his keynote with regards to Apple's new cloud storage service, the iCloud. Just several minutes ago, Craig Ferericchi and Phil Schiller presented a keynote about Apple's upcoming Mac OS X Lion and here's the scoop about the next major release of the OS X based on that keynote.

WWDC 2011 OS X Lion
Apple spent almost an hour in order to present the key features that the OS X Lion has. As it turns out, the June 14 release rumor was false because customers can expect the latest OS X on July.

And good news for Mac fans who are highly anticipating the Mac OS X Lion because it is going to be yours for a mere $29. Although this release is exclusively in digital format only and will only be available through the Mac App Store which means there will be no boxed software at retail stores. Mac OS X Lion is about 4GB of download.

Mac OS X Lion Preview
If anyone can recall, the Snow Leopard was offered at $29 as well. But Snow Leopard is considered to be more of an upgrade in order to increase stability and performance and the features isn't all that plenty. But with the Mac OS X Lion, it looks like Apple made a major overhaul of the Mac OS X and with Ferericchi and Schiller stating that it had over 250 new features. So it is quite surprising to see Apple set such a low price point for an overhauled OS X.

But who's complaining? This definitely counts as a great news for Mac fans. Be sure to stay tune with us for more news, updates and summary about Apple's WWDC keynote presentation.

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