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Joystick-It: Experience Arcade Style Fun In Your iPad, iPhone and Android Tablets

There are gamers out there that hates touchscreen exclusive controls which is why they never regarded the iPad and Android tablets to be a legitimate gaming platform. But with this new product by ThinkGeek, makers of geek-related toys and other products, touchscreen control haters may just have to change their minds. Introducing the JOYSTICK-IT Tablet Arcade Stick from ThinkGeek.

To be quite fair, gaming on a device with a touchscreen surface does have its annoyances. There are times when a game requires precision controls which is simply not the best area a touchscreen based control excels. JOYSTICK-IT may just be that add-on that can provide you with that precision. JOYSTICK-IT supports any game with a virtual control pad. According to the JOYSTICK-IT's product page:

Bring your tablet-based gaming to the next level with the JOYSTICK-IT Tablet Arcade Stick. The JOYSTICK-IT gives you a real physical joystick for increased precision with touchscreen based games. Simply press down to attach the JOYSTICK-IT to your tablet based computer's screen for improved gaming. No wires or batteries needed.

The JOYSTICK-IT works with thousands of different game apps. Any game that has an on-screen control pad of some kind is perfect for the JOYSTICK-IT. Simply run your game of choice, place the JOYSTICK-IT over the on-screen control pad and push down. The JOYSTICK-IT sticks to the glass of your display and is ready for action. The lightweight solid milled-aluminum construction of the JOYSTICK-IT adds more precise movement and faster response time for enhanced playability. When you're done, simply pull-up on the JOYSTICK-IT to remove from the screen.

Check out this video for JOYSTICK-IT:

While JOYSTICK-IT is primarily targeted for use in tablets such as the iPad and Android tablets, ThinkGeek also offers it for the iPhone. This gaming add-on can be yours for $29.99 and if you want some dual stick action, you can get two joysticks for only $39.99.
ThinkGeek JOYSTICK-IT dual
ThinkGeek is an online retailer that caters to computer enthusiasts and pretty everyone who's considered to be a geek. Their product are mostly influenced by popular Internet culture which includes geek related clothing, gadgets, office toys, cool computer peripherals and they even offer drinks and candy.

This add-on is perfect for those who are serious about gaming in touchscreen device. Happy Gaming!!!

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    Maurice10 years, 2 months ago

    The only problem with this joystick is that it keeps popping off the ipad. I also have a flat plastic joystick with 2 suction caps that works better, even more sensitive and quicker, but most of all it does not come off every couple of minutes! which is a major pain when playing a game!

    CVthegreat10 years, 4 months ago

    Dear Sir,

    I want to ask you one question:-

    I realised some big problems about iPhone 4 IOS 4.3.3 JB with RS RC17.
    When I enable 3G, I noticed the signal bar drops to 1-2 bars from full.
    However, once I disable 3G.. my signal bar goes back up to FULL.
    Is this a common for iPhone 4?

    I also notice my Edge (E) or 3G on statusbar will disappear when I make or receive calls. It will re-appears once I hang out. How to fix this problem?

    Please share your views and any solutions for this problem?

    Thank you in advance

      Pramod10 years, 4 months ago

      These are not problems of the iPhone. When you enable 3G, your switching to a frequency that is different from your GSM signal (the one that showed you full bar with EDGE). The 3G connectivity in your area is not as good as the GSM and hence the drop in bars.
      Your 3G/E disappears when you make a call because 3G/E is optimized only for data while GSM is for voice calls.

        CVthegreat10 years, 4 months ago

        Thank you for your replied, I appreciate it.

        BTW, the strange thing happened was on certain location my 3G will always appear on the statusbar even I make or receive calls. It will not disappear.
        Any idea why that happened to iphone 4? It is something wrong with my iphone?

        Thank you.

          Pramod10 years, 4 months ago

          As I said before, its not something to worry about as I said earlier 3G is only for Data prioritization & NO, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your iPhone.