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iTunes 10.5 Beta For Windows And Mac Released For Developers

If you have been closely following the news around the tech industry especially Apple, then you know that iOS 5 was just previewed by the company at the keynote presentation yesterday at the WWDC. Apple's new mobile operating system is now available for testing, although it is a developers preview build only at the meantime. If you want to try out the iOS 5, you will also need to get the beta version of the iTunes 10.5.

iTunes 10.5
iTunes 10.5 is actually the second release of iTunes that was unveiled at yesterday's WWDC, iTunes 10.3 is the first. The iTunes 10.3 is essential if you want to test Apple's new iTunes in the Cloud service and is openly available to the public to download. iTunes 10.5 on the other hand, has more features that utilizes the iCloud and as well as added support and better compatibility for the upcoming iOS 5.
iTunes 10.5
Some of the most notable new changes that are present in the iTunes 10.5 are mostly in the user interface. First, they seem to have disposed of the horizontal window buttons which is good. There are notable graphical updates to the interface as well that resemble the OS X Lion's system toolbar and side bar buttons. In the Settings, there is an option that enables Automatic Downloads which works in conjunction with Apple's new iCloud service.