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iPad 3 Prototype With 3D Display Seen in Taiwan [Video]

The iPad is definitely one of Apple's most popular product. With that said, there have been floating rumors that the iPad 3 will feature 3D display. Quite unlikely you say? Maybe, but there's a device that's spotted in Display Taiwan that on close inspection looks like a prototype of the iPad. Could this be the iPad 3?

iPad 3 Prototype with 3D
The prototype was spotted by NetBookNews in the booth of display manufacturer, CPT. All the Apple logos and related product labels are covered with stickers but based on the form-factor and the plug connector, it clearly looks like an iPad. And by the way, like with most 3D technologies, 3D glasses are needed in order to view it properly.

There have been news that the next iPad will have significantly improved display, complete with high-resolution Active-Matrix Organic LED AMOLED display screen. With Apple pushing high resolution display and DPI, the inclusion of 3D for the iPad 3 does not seem to be so far-fetched now. And the fact that it is being demoed by a legitimate display manufacturer only adds more credibility to this particular rumor. Check out this video of the allegedly iPad prototype with 3D display:

While it may seem feasible that Apple will incorporate 3D display for its next iPad, there are still a few facts that makes it unlikely. First is the fact that it uses 3D glasses. It is gimmicky and unnatural which goes against Apple's belief of implementing natural user experience and interface only. If ever it turns out to be true, the glasses are likely to be optional and won't be forced into the users. It could be possible sans the glasses, but because it only works with one, that makes it quite unlikely.

iPad 3 Prototype with 3D
But who knows right? 3D technology seems to be everywhere nowadays and it could be possible that Apple has been experimenting with the technology for quite some time now. The iPad 3 is expected to hit the stores by the 2nd quarter of 2012.

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