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New iOS 5 Tweak – RSSWidget: View Your RSS Feed Directly From Your Notifications Center

As you all know, the iOS 5 was previewed at last week's WWDC by Apple, boasting numerous features that is sure to please iOS fans. Right after it was previewed, Apple announced that they will be making the iOS 5 available for those who have developer accounts. And only a few hours after the iOS 5 beta 1 was released, it was jailbroken. And now, jailbreakers are developing all sorts of tweaks for the iOS 5. Noticeably, jailbreak developers seem to love developing tweaks for one particular iOS 5 feature, the new Notification Center.

iOS 5 Notifications
The new Notification Center features a pulldown menu for reading reading and dismissing notifications. The said pulldown menu seems to be the perfect place to put tweaks and widgets that provides extra information or functionality. Since the iOS 5 is still on its beta 1 build, there are still no guarantees whether Apple will allow 3rd party developers to design official tweaks for the Notification System. With the number of tweaks and modification that the jailbreak community released, the potential of the Notification System is quite apparent. In fact another tweak was recently released called, RSSWidget.

RSSWidget is a jailbreak tweak for the iOS 5 that allows the user to view news and updates from his favorite website directly from the iOS 5's Notification System. But the integration is done rather seamlessly and the user will not need to open a separate application in order to refresh the feed.
RSSWidget iOS 5
This widget is customizable in a way that it lets you manually enter the URL of the websites that you want to RRS updates from. Unfortunately the Preference Loader of the widget's settings which allows you to enter the URL is not yet compatible with iOS 5. Fortunately there's a workaround that remedies this particular limitation. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open iFile and navigate to System/Library.WeeAppPlugins/RSSWidget.bundle/
  • Open the com.idevhaice.rsswidget.plist
  • Edit the URL under Item 1 – Defaults with your preferred website.
  • Respring your device if you don't see any changes.

This widget is still quite in its infancy, so it is not perfect and there are likely many bugs to be encountered. But the developer has stated that he will begin rolling out updates sometime next week.

If you want to try out RSSWidget just add the repo in Cydia. Keep in mind that you will have to jailbreak your device to iOS 5 if you want to try this particular tweak.

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