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iOS 5 New Feature: Enable Recovery Mode Wirelessly, Potential for Wireless Jailbreaks?

To anyone who has experienced jailbreaking their iOS device, then you are most likely familiar with Recovery Mode. Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch may not always end up the way you have planned because there's just so many ways to botch a jailbreak. And upon failing the jailbreak process, you end up with a device that won't turn on. So your only choice in this situation is to perform a firmware restore, which requires you to enter Recovery Mode, a process that everyone would agree to be annoyingly awkward. But the iOS 5 aims to remedy this by letting the users enter Recovery Mode wirelessly.

iPhone Recovery Mode
As you all know last Friday, Apple finally released iOS 5 beta 2 and it certainly comes with new features that wasn't present in the first beta build such as the ability to sync your device and iTunes over WiFi. Now a report from 9to5Mac seems to indicate that with the iOS 5 beta 2, you can now enable the recovery mode from the command line which means you won't need to connect your device anymore.

You not only can sync your media wirelessly in iOS 5, but it appears you can enter Recovery Mode using ‘RecBoot, Etc’ from the Mac.

It is still quite early to tell but this might pave the way for wireless jailbreak solutions in the future. It is now going to be possible to have a jailbreak tool that can be activated just by opening an application. And since you can enter Recovery Mode wirelessly, those iconic yet pesky syncing cables won't be needed anymore and you don't have awkwardly enable the said mode.

The potential of this feature is definitely promising especially with regards to the jailbreaking scene. If this feature makes it into the final build, then you can expect that jailbreak hackers will surely integrate it with their jailbreak tool. But yet again, this is still the iOS 5 in beta, so there is no guarantee that this will make it into its final release this coming fall.

The iOS 5 beta 2 is now available for those who have enrolled an account over at the iOS Dev Center. And since it was made available, more and more people are able to find interesting new features and changes. Stay tune with us as we give you more updates about iOS 5 beta 2.

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