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iOS 5 Beta 2 Updates The Lockscreen Notification UI [Screens]

It has been a couple of hours now since iOS 5 beta 2 has been released and as of this writing, beta testers are digging around the newest beta build in order to look for any changes and fixes over the first beta. We reported to you earlier the fancy new feature which is the WiFi Syncing which allows the user to sync his device and iTunes wirelessly using WiFi. And now according to the findings of RedmondPie, it looks like Apple made some alterations to the Notifications System as well.

iOS 5 Beta 2 Notifications
With the beta 1 Notifications System, new notifications are placed into a list together with other unread ones sorted according to their applications. In order to view it, you have to select a notification and drag it across the screen as if you are unlocking the screen. But based on the screenshots, it seems that this is not the case anymore:

As shown in the screenshots, Apple’s new take on the humble notification means initially all notifications (at least on the lockscreen) pop up in a manner worryingly similar to the old, modal style of notifications we’ve endured up until the wonderful morning of Apple’s WWDC keynote. Once a new notification comes in then the old one gets pushed into a pull-down drawer that is hidden until accessed.

With beta 2, the notifications are shown in a transparent bubble which look suspiciously similar to the old system prior to iOS 5.

We’re not sure why Apple has made the change, and we’re even less sure whether we like it or not. Our only guess is Apple is considering security – devices will no longer show a long list of past notifications on their lockscreen, with the act of dragging down a window needed to accesses them. That doesn’t strictly ring true however, as it appears that once the screen has dimmed after the message has arrived, waking the device once again shows the same iOS 5 notifications we know and love.

iOS 5 Beta 2 Notifications 2
The Notification system for the iOS 5 beta 1 was generally praised by beta testers, claiming that it was far more better than the old one which is far too intrusive and sometime annoying. So it is quite unclear what are Apple's plan with regards to this aspect of the iOS 5. But it is still in beta so it's likely that we're not looking at the final version of the Notifications system.

We did a write-up back then that covered many features of the iOS 5, as well as a video gallery of the features in action. If you have a developer's account, then what are you still waiting for? Download iOS 5 beta 2 now. [via RedmondPie]

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