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Activate iOS 5 Beta 2 on Your iPhone Without UDID [Tutorial]

With regards to betas, Apple's iOS is definitely popular as everyone tries to get their hands on it. iOS 5 betas are usually available for those who have enrolled a developer's account in the iOS Dev Center because Apple's servers checks for the UDID of your device. There is no specific requirement in order to be able to register an account aside from the $99 fee that gives you access for a year.

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If you have a friend or an acquaintance that has an iOS Dev Center account, then you can have him add your UDID into their account and you're good to go. But iOS betas are such a hot piece of software, there are dedicated users who exploits the activation process itself and allows them to totally bypass the process of UDID checks. This leads to a scenario where even if you don't have your UDID added to Apple's servers, you should be able to freely use the iOS beta. This is exactly what happened to the iOS 5 Beta 1 and there's a couple of reasons why it's not exactly ideal.

First, it is called beta for a reason. Apple only made the iOS 5 betas available to those who have developer accounts because as expected with beta builds, it will be riddled with bugs. It is exclusive to developers only so that they can report to Apple whatever bugs they could find and if ever they have an application, they can optimize it and have it ready by the time the final build is released. So it is not recommended for the average user because there's a risk that the device itself can be damaged.

Also, the method to bypass the UDID checks involves making an "Emergency Call" from the iOS. There's a built-in function in the iOS that allows you to make an emergency call despite the state that you're in. So the act of making an emergency call for the purpose of activating your hardware is a controversial one.

Another one is that, iOS betas have expiration date. Which means that once the said date is reached, the operating system will shut down the device making your device useless until the final build is released. Apple will most likely patch the exploit for the most recent beta, so unless someone devices another workaround, you will find yourself stuck.

But of course, such concerns seems to be trivial for many users because apparently a lot of them jumped and installed iOS 5 beta 1 into their systems. And now with the release of iOS 5 beta 2, another workaround has surfaced from Ali Yousuf that allows you to bypass the UDID checks and install the recent beta without a developer's account. Here's a video demonstrating how he does it:


Here in Jaxov we don't condone or encourage the installation of iOS betas into a non-registered, non-developer device. There's the risk of that your device won't work, boot, call or you will have an operating system with crippled features. So if you end up with many problems with regards to your device, don't say we didn't warn you. Just be aware of the risks involved.

With all that said, here are the steps on how to bypass the iOS 5 beta 2 activation:

  1. Press Home button on Activation Screen.
  2. Choose "Emergency Call".
  3. Dial 112 and press Call button.
  4. Press Home button.
  5. Tap "Touch to return to call"
  6. Press Home button.
  7. Open "Phone" app and End Call.

And that's it, you're done!!

The steps are relatively simple but it is still unclear if there any problems associated with installing iOS 5 beta 2 into a non-developer hardware, but it is highly likely that there are. But still, it is highly recommended that you enroll for a developer account in the iOS Dev Center or find someone who does and have your UDID added to their account.

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