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How Does The “Find My Mac” Feature Works In The Mac OS X Lion? [Pictures]

We all know that Apple previewed at yesterday's WWDC its next major release of its desktop operating system, the Mac OS X Lion. With Apple stating that the new OS X has more than 200+ new features, the Lion is shaping up to be a major OS X overhaul. One of the features that was highlighted in this particular preview build of the OS X Lion is the "Find My Mac" feature.

Mac OS X Lion
During the past months, there have been many rumors and speculations that surrounded the "Find My Mac" feature, but now it seems that a developer preview has surfaced that shows it in action. Here are a few screenshots of the OS X Lion running the "Find My Mac" feature.

Find My Mac Settings
In this screenshot, the user shows that the feature can be configured through the System Preferences. So what does the Find My Mac feature does exactly? Well as its name implies, users who lost their machine will be able to easily facilitate its recovery. How? Through Find My Mac, users will be able to lock the screen of the missing machine. On the other hand, guests who had found the machine will only have access to Safari which can be used in order accelerate the recovery process.

Find My iPhone
In this screenshot, the user also shows how he can locate his MacBook Air through his iPhone using a similar app called Find My iPhone. With this app, the user will have a variety of options like playing a sound, sending a message and remotely lock or wipe the machine.

Find My Mac Lock Screen
And in this final screenshot, the user shows what will happen to the machine that has been locked. The locked screen will ask for a 4-digit security code before the machine will be unlocked.

This particular feature looks to be very promising and it can definitely be proven useful in many different scenarios. Like if you need to find your lost machine or if your lost machine that contains sensitive information or data.

As announced yesterday by Apple in their keynote presentation, the Mac OS X Lion will be released next month and will be priced at $29.99.

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