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Another Creative iOS 5 Concept: Four Things We Want From The Next iOS [Video]

As you all know, Apple has already announced that they will be unveiling the iOS 5, iCloud and the Mac OS X Lion at this year's WWDC which is scheduled on theĀ 6th of June and is certainly enough to get everyone hyped up. For those who are eagerly anticipating the iOS 5, here's a well done concept video created Monkey Color design studio:

The video shows us some very interesting and innovative implementation of Apple's highly anticipated mobile operating system. The video tackles four features which are the Widgets, Settings, Notifications and Favorite Friends and provides detailed description on how it will be implemented into the iOS 5 in order to provide a better user experience.

For those who are excited about the iOS 5, the video is definitely worth a watch. Just last week, an iOS 5 design concept was released as well and it also tackled the implementation of Widgets and a new Notification system. At this point in time, the iOS definitely needs a revamped notification system because the current one is simply too intrusive which the concept video made a good job of addressing.

The video also showcases two design concepts that hasn't been touched before. First is the ability to add frequently used settings into the homescreen which will definitely improve the intuitiveness and allows more convenience for the user. The same is also applicable with contacts that are frequently accessed.

iOS 5
It will be interesting to see how these creative iOS 5 concepts will compare with Apple's final version. The iOS 5 is expected to be a major overhaul of Apple's mobile operating system so it would be interesting to see what Apple has in store for us. [via iSpazio]

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