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AT&T and Verizon: The iPhone is the No.1 Best Selling Handset in the US

Since debuting on Verizon's network back in February earlier this year, the iPhone 4 is now the carrier's best-selling handset in the United States. This is according to a research that was conducted by BTIG Research (needs registration).  For the span of three weeks, BTIG gathered this data by asking 250 Verizon and AT&T stores across the US which is their no.1 best selling smartphone. At the end of the research, both carriers have the iPhone 4 as their best selling handset.

ATT Verizon
According to BTIG:

Of the Verizon stores surveyed, 51 percent said the iPhone was their top seller, and an additional 38 percent said it was tied for first with a rival Android device, typically the Samsung Droid Charge or the HTC Thunderbolt.

At AT&T stores, the iPhone was even more dominant--65 percent of them named it as their top-selling phone. Another 31 percent said it was an Android device.

All in all, about 58% of the stores interviewed said that the iPhone was their top-selling smartphone and 20% claimed that it is sharing the top spot with a competitor.

In addition to this apparent success of Apple's major handset, there have been reports earlier this month that the iPhone has overtaken BlackBerry as the most popular handset across the United States. And when it comes to Verizon and AT&T, the BlackBerry is not that hot either according to BTIG:

At AT&T, there were actually a handful of stores that mentioned a BlackBerry and a Windows Phone as the top seller in their store. We never got that response from any of the Verizon stores, which have dated versions of the BlackBerry.

It seems that Apple is having a good year and with the pending release of the iOS 5 and the iPhone 5 this coming fall, it looks like the Cupertino tech giant is looking to keep their momentum.

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