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Will Apple’s iOS 5 Look Like This? iOS 5 Concept Design That Will Excite You

By now you are aware of all the buzz and rumors about iOS 5. From the rumored features such as improved multitasking interface, faster application switching to speech recognition, iOS is definitely shaping up to be the most advanced operating system when compared to other mobile OSes.

iOS 5 Concept Design
But what we have are mere rumors and speculations until the whole thing gets unveiled in Apple's WWDC 2011 in San Francisco. To say that people are excited for the iOS 5 would be a huge understatement, although there are quite a few disappointing news about it. To tide over the people's excitement, designer Frederic Bianco have designed his own concept of what the iOS 5 would look like.

His masterwork is a presentation that consists of over 90 slides which details his personal vision regarding the iOS 5's elements such as the user interface, lock screen, photo editor, spotlight, settings and so on. These user interface concept is complete with descriptions as to how a particular feature works. An interesting part of the concept involves holding down the Home button in order to enable a number of gesture controls.

iOS 5 Multitasking
It looks pretty good and it seems that various problems with the interface have been addressed. If this is what the iOS 5 would look like, then there's definitely a lot of reasons to be excited. And it is definitely interesting to see how it will compare to version that will be unveiled in the WWDC 2011. To see Bianco's complete slideshow presentation of his iOS 5 concept, go here.

So what do you think of this iOS 5 concept? Looking good?

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