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PictureMe: Now Add Timer & Rapid Shot Features To Your iDevice Camera [Cydia Tweak]

Created by two of the most profound jailbreak app creators, Filippo Bigarella (creator of Springtomize, FBPhotosave and many others) and Tyler Nettleon, PictureMe is now a new addition to the Cydia tweak collection. This app can add timer delay and rapid shot functionality to the in-built camera app of the iDevice that the current iOS lacks.

PictureMe Features:

Timer feature helps to set the number of seconds which the camera will wait for before clicking the picture giving you time to jump into the picture frame.
Rapid Shot feature allows the user to set a pre-defined amount of photos that he/she wishes to click in succession.

PictureMe (Screenshot)
Once installed, a new arrow button is added to the screen of the native Camera app without any addition of icons onto your springboard. This tweak functions from within the camera app and the arrow button is easily accessible from its bottom bar. On tapping this button, the user is provided with a minimal yet complete set of extended features that can be enabled and disabled easily. The settings screen of this tweak is an overlay and so you'll not loose the viewfinder of the camera app either.

The settings customization of this tweak is very simple and easy-to-use. All you need to do is set the necessary option before taking a picture and the selected options will be enabled for your next click.

Settings of PictureMe:

Timer: Allows the user to Enable/Disable this option via a Toggle option.
Time Delay: User can set the amount of time (in sec) for the timer between 0-25 sec via the slider.
Rapid Shot: Allows the user to Enable/Disable this option via a Toggle option.
Amount: User can set the number photos that needs to be shot rapidly to a mximum of 5 shots.

Note: You cannot use both Timer and RapidShot features at the same time. To enable one option, you must first disable the feature that is already active. Also here is a video showcasing the features of PictureMe.

Both these features are currently unavailable in any of the iOS updates so far from Apple. This app has been already submitted to Cydia and will be available for $1.99 very soon. We'll keep you posted. [via ModMyi]

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