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Apple’s Next Gen iPod Nano Rumored To Support 1.3 MP Camera, Apps & Games

AppleInsider reports that it has now found some credible authenticity that the next generation iPod Nano will only come with with 1.3 MP camera but will also support apps & games. This deduction comes from what seems to be a patent application published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office entitled “Environment Sensitive Display Tags” which was discoverd by AppleInsider.

iPod Nano 7G Patent
Further findings of this patent by AppleInsider suggests that Apple may now be looking forwarding in adding new sensors to iPod Nano including a camera. Two illustrations found in the document points to mainly focus the software aspect and display features much different from thhe current generation of the iPod. The types of content indicated by the illustrations include a camera and games, both of which are not supported on the current-gen iPod Nano. There is also mention of a microphone, motion sensor and a temperature gauge. These sensors could be used to dynamically alter the content within the iPod Nano’s display.

This patent may or may not make it to Foxconn for manufacturing, but it still does gives some credibility to the recently leaked photos claiming to be the next generation iPod Nano which shows a clipless, 1.3 MP camera sporting iPod Nano via the Taiwanese Apple blog,

iPod Nano 7G states that the new iPod Nano will not have a clip suggesting that it would then cover the lens of the camera. This arrangement willl now make space for the camera to fit in. No more information can actually be deduced from the images, but to be frank, has been leading the race in leaking out images for all the previous 6 generations of the nano prior to Apple's announcement and has always been right each and every time. Though this picture do deserve some appreciation, we would suggest you don't take too much of it in. Its possible that Apple has now rethought the idea of  bringing a camera to the iPod nano considering the fact that this idea was scrapped in the  2010 revision, but time can only say as to how much of this rumour will actually materialise.

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