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Mass Effect 3 Will Allow Players To Have Gay Relationships

Romance has always been a big factor in the Mass Effect RPG series. Mass Effect allowed players to play through the game once how they normally would. It then allowed you to play through again, changing different aspects of your play-style in order to see what changed within the storyline.

In Mass Effect 1 players could have a girl-on-girl relationship but it sill did not allow for gay male relationships. However, it looks as though the third instalment of the series will allow for gay male romancing too. BioWare received some heavy criticism for allowing gay and lesbian relationships in the Dragon Age series. This has sparked some gamers to say that  BioWare is no longer catering to straight male gamers.

Mass Effect 3 (Romance)
The writers of Dragon Age 2 have also come under fire from the gay community for their perception of homosexuals. They were criticised for reinforcing the stereotype that gay people are sometimes sexually aggressive. A petition was even drawn up to fire one of the head writers,  David Gaider.

Gaider responded to the criticism by saying: “The romances in the game are not for the straight male gamer. They're for everyone.”

Sure they may be setting themselves up for some criticism but I really don't think that this should stifle their creativity. Even though I wont be having a gay relationship in the game, I won't be screaming like mad on the Mass Effect forums trying to get them to remove it from the game. People should learn to accept that other people have different ideas and opinions, so just play the game and enjoy it without ruining someone else's experience just because they play differently.

Mass Effect 3 is due for release in early 2012. [via GNews]

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