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iPhone 4 & Google Nexus One Share Same Audience-Chip For Ambient Noise Cancellation – [Report]

iFixit has just unveiled that the iPhone 4 also uses the same Audience-powered chip for ambient noise cancellation which was found in Google's Nexus One. iFixit did not bother much the first time they ran the teardown of the iPhone 4 because Apple had simply white-labelled this chip.

White-labelling means Apple asks the manufaturer to remove the branding of their componenets used in the iPhone so as to evade the prying eyes of teardowns. In the initial teardown, this chip was marked with a serial number which when queried against the iFixit database did not return any match.

Audience Processor in iPhone
iFixit reports that:

There was one small, 3mm x 3mm chip that we weren't able to identify during our teardown. It was white-labelled, meaning Apple asked the manufacturer to remove their branding from the package to make it difficult for folks like us to identify. The markings on the chip '10C0 01S8 0077' didn’t match any existing part in our database, and we didn't pursue it further.

ChipWorks then took it to the next level of decapping this chip and eventually found the Audience low power audio signal processor. The Audience chip takes advantage of two microphones to cancel out ambient noise.

Our friends at Chipworks just decapped the chip, and guess what they found? That’s right, an Audience low power audio signal processor. In the image below you can see the Audience die marking Chipworks found inside the chip, says iFixit.

Audience Chip in Nexus One
In the video below, iFixit shows how the iPhone 4 outsells other non-Audience equipped chips in terms of noise cancellation.

Its wonderful to see how Audience's tiny noise cancellation chips are increasingly powering the latest smartphones such as the Nexus One and iPhone 4. Will the iPhone 5 also be equipped with the same? It's only a matter of months before we shall know.

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