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Apple Store 2.0 Is Here – Revamped Apple Store Experience With Interactive iPads & Much More!

Last week, we reported that Apple is planning something huge for its 10th retail anniversary with rumors suggesting of a next-gen iDevice launch by Apple with regard to this occasion. Instead, Apple has lifted its curtains today to unveil the Apple Store 2.0, bringing you a next-gen, one of a kind in-store experience.

Australian folks were the first to see the revamped Apple Store 2.0, which squashes all prior speculations of a product launch for the anniversary. Across Australia (and in other countries soon), Apple has marked this milestone with a redesign in terms of customer experience by including iPads for product information purposes among other things.

An interactive iPad displays information for an ipod Touch 4G.

Apple Store 2.0

Detailed Specification of a MacBook Pro seen on an iPad.

iPad in App Store 2.0
Remember all those annoying paper signs and information cards kept near every Apple product showing details of a product? Well now, Apple has replaced them all with iPads throughout the store. To learn more about an Apple product, like its features or prices, all you need to do is tap the interactive iPad kept next to it and you are on your way. Apart from displaying product information, you can use these interactive iPads to call in an Apple store specialist for more information about the product. What's interesting to note is that the interactive iPads aren't charged by the default dock connector. Instead, the wiring just vanishes to the back of the iPad and also, the home button is disabled too which does nothing when pressed.

Talk to a specialist in case you need help.

App Store 2.0 (Talk to a Specialist)
Customers can also choose and compare Apple products right away from the iPad display kept next to every product in the store.

Now you can also compare products.

App Store 2.0 (Compare Products)
Apple has also brought its App Store 2.0 experience to your iDevices too. Now, the next time you visit from your iOS device, you will be prompted to install the official Apple Store app. This app helps you shop for Apple products and make retail store appointments right from your device.

Download Apple Store App
Check out the video below of the Apple Store 2.0 in Japan:

Apple Explains What's So Special About Apple Store 2.0

Apple Explains App Store 2.0
Apple store 2.0 promises an innovative and never seen before retail experience for everyone. The amount of time and resource that Apple has been devoting into improving customer services across the globe is very clear since the time of its first Apple Store which opened in May 2001, almost 10 years ago. We are really happy to see how much Apple is looking forward in providing the best shopping experience and in making sure everyone who enters the store walks out with a smile. More details are soon to follow and we'll be sharing it with you here. Stay tuned :) [via 9to5mac, MacPriceAustralia, Macotakara]

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