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Apple Wins Patent For An Unreleased iPad Design Featuring A Landscape Dock Connector

PatentlyApple is reporting that Apple has been awarded patent for what seems to be an unreleased version of the iPad supporting a landscape dock connector. Before the released of 1st-Gen iPad, it was rumored that the device would include two connectors; however, that rumor died eventually.

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This patent details a Wi-Fi+3G iPad with an extra USB slot for landscape connectivity. This secondary USB slot would let you place the iPad in a dedicated landscape dock as well as dock in portrait mode and simultaneously sync using both USB slots. Apple now holds a patent for this design, but it may never see the light of the day in any of its upcoming iPad models. It's unknown at this point as to why Apple has scrapped this idea. Maybe Apple thought that it would be too techy to have multiple wires connected to your iPad simultaneously. Apple may be looking forward to wireless charging and syncing of their iDevices, which would eliminate the need for any USB ports which may have lead to the scrapping of this idea in the first place.

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