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How to Get Doodle Jump GOD Mode on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Ever heard of Doodle Jump GOD Mode? Yes, its a hack which allows you protect your Doodler from monsters, jump on broken platforms, protect your Doodler from black-holes and have unlimited pauses. To get this mode, all you need is a jailbroken iPhone with Doodle Jump game app installed on it. Unlike other Doodle Jump hacks like Unlimited Rockets etc, this hack do not make your game unplayable.

Doodle Jump GOD Mode

How to Enable GOD Mode in Doodle Jump:

  1. Make sure you have Doodle Jump 1.18 installed on your iPhone. Got the latest version? Use this to downgrade [Screenshot] :P
  2. Download Doodle Jump hack file from here
  3. SSH into your iPhone using WinSCP on Windows or CyberDuck on Mac. Do not use iPhone Explorer in this case as you will have to set the file-permissions later.
  4. Navigate to the location below and rename the DoodleJump file to DoodleJump.BAK.
  5. /var/mobile/Applications/<Random-Numbers>/

  6. Once renamed, copy the DoodleJump file you downloaded in 2nd-step to directory and set its permission to 0755.
  7. DoodleJump GOD Mode

  8. That it. Reboot your iPhone and try playing Doodle Jump in GOD mode.
  9. To remove this hack, simply SSH again into your iPhone and remove DoodeJump file in directory. Once deleted, rename DoodleJump.BAK to DoodleJump and set its permission to 0755. Reboot and you are good to go!

So what happens in all Doodle Jump versions above 1.18? Actually the Doodler gets double in size which is probably a bug in hack file.
Doodle Jump Hack

Video Demo:

[Thanks to Oliver for the hack file and hat-tip via email]

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