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Google Nexus S vs Samsung Galaxy S [Comparison-Sheet]

Based upon the fact that Samsung Galaxy S holds the record of best selling Android phone in the market, Google just released Nexus S, another Samsung handset powered by Android OS. Nexus S comes with the latest Android 2.3 OS (codename Gingerbread) and its equipped with three axis Gyro sensor and touch sensitive controls. Detailed comparison sheet for both these models is given after the break.

Samsung Galaxy S vs Google Nexus S
Nexus S vs Galaxy S
Nexus S vs Galaxy S
Nexus S vs Galaxy S

From the above comparison, we can deduce that both devices have more or less similar specs except for the fact that Nexus S currently runs Gingerbread, but Galaxy S would be soon receiving Gingerbread update as well. On the other hand, Galaxy S has a big edge due to its better battery backup.

Based upon Galaxy S performance, Nexus S is expected to do well in sales as well. Let's see if it's another hit for both Google and Samsung.

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    Pablo Sotomayor10 years, 10 months ago

    Why the name of the Nexus S CPU is Cortex A8? Because the name of the iPhone4 Apple A4 CPU ?