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Now You Can AirPlay From iPhone to Your Mac with AirPlayer Just Like Apple TV 2G

Don't have an Apple TV 2G to enjoy iOS 4.2.1 AirPlay feature? No worries, because now you can AirPlay videos directly from your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to your Mac as well. Last time, we shared a hack which enabled you to AirPlay from your PC or Mac on your iDevice, however this time AirPlayer will do the opposite for you. With AirPlayer, you will be able to stream videos from your iPhone to your Mac just like you do on Apple TV 2G.

AirPlay on Mac From iPhone
Unlike previous method, now you don't need to alter the file system of your iDevice to enable the hack, all you need is to download the AirPlayer from here, run the utility and click on the "Start AirPlay Service" button to enable AirPlay service on your Mac.
AirPlayer for Mac
Check out the video demo below:

Note that this hack is not only limited to jailbroken devices. So if your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is not jailbroken, you can still AirPlay videos on your Mac with AirPlayer BUT only from YouTube app. If you device is already jailbroken on iOS 4.2.1, go to Cydia and install AirVideoEnabler, it will enable you to AirPlay videos from other iOS apps like Safari browser etc.

Download alpha version of AirPlayer

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