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Verizon Launches WiFi iPad Bundled with MiFi Mobile Hotspot

Verizon Wireless has announced its partnership with Apple by releasing the Wi-Fi iPad coupled with Verizon MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot. As a promotion campaign, Verizon has released a dazzling iPad commercial showing a Wi-Fi iPad being used with Verizon's very own Wi-Fi hotspot card.

Verizon iPad

There is no difference between a standard Wi-Fi iPad and Verizon's Wi-Fi iPad, the only difference is that it comes with a hotspot card to use Verizon's CDMA/3G network. A question mark however still remains - why Verizon is not offering iPad 3G?

Have a look at Verizon's commercial titled as "breakaway".

Verizon started selling Wi-Fi iPads along with MiFi 2200 mobile hotspot on Oct 28, 2010. Following are the iPad prices along with Verizon's monthly data plans:

  • iPad Wi-Fi (16GB) for $630
  • iPad Wi-Fi (32GB) for $730
  • iPad Wi-Fi (64GB) for $830
  • 1GB data for $20 a month
  • 5GB date for $50 a month

Apple is also planning to release a CDMA iPhone/iPhone 5 for Verizon Wireless customers next year. Stay tuned for more updates. To read more about iPad, please visit here. [via Mashable, via TiPb]

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