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Send iPhone Contact Details in a Message With Contact Sender App!

Ever thought of sending a phone number from your iPhone contacts to someone via SMS? Contact Sender app allows you to pick any contact from your iPhone contact list and share it with another contact via a simple text message. By default, iPhone doesn't provide this functionality, you can only share your contacts via MMS or Email.

Contact Sender iPhone App
Contact Sender app is available completely free in App Store. Simply go to App Store from your iPhone, search the app and install it. The app has a simple and user friendly UI. You will see following two buttons on application home screen:

  1. Select Contact to Send
  2. Send Contact Details via SMS

In order to send a contact via SMS, tap on button#1 and select the contact you want to send to some other contact (in your contact list or not, doesn't matter). Now tap on button#2, it will take you to iPhone SMS app with text field already filled with your selected contact information. Simply fill the contact details (to whom you want to send the details) in the "To" field and tap on the Send button send the message.

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