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PlayStation Move vs Nintendo Wii vs Microsoft Kinect [Comparison]

Back in Nov 2006, Nintendo unveiled the very first motion controller called Wii and in Dec 2009, Wii broke the record of best selling-console in US. In Sept 2010, Sony gave a huge blow on Wii face by introducing PlayStation Move, a handheld motion controller wand which uses PlayStation Eye camera to track it's position. Seeing Sony dominating the market alone, Microsoft jumped in to the war of motion controllers releasing its very own Kinect for Xbox 360 (Codename Project Natal).

While PlayStation Move enables user-control through handheld motion controller with 4 action buttons and 1 analog trigger on it, Kinect for Xbox 360 is the very first motion controller of its kind which provides you with complete controller-free gaming experience.
Motion Controllers
Through Nintendo Wii do deserve some recognition here, but clearly the competition is between PlayStation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect. Here is a comparison chart between Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Move & Kinect which will help you to choose the best motion controller available in the market, if you are planning to buy one.

Motion ControllerPlayStation MoveNintendo WiiMicrosoft Kinect
Motion ControllerPlayStation MoveNintendo WiiMicrosoft Kinect
Motion DetectionYes
- 6-axis sensors built-in
-XYZ detection by camera
- 6-axis sensors (with addition of Wii MotionPlus)
-XY detection by IR sensor
- Controller-free; sensors track body movements
- Color changing spehere and vibration feedback
- Vibration and Audio feedback
- Audio feedback
Built-in Rechargeabe BatteriesYesNoNo
Augmented RealityYesNoYes
Image CaptureYesNoYes
Head TrackingYesNoYes
MicrophonesYes (On Camera)NoYes
Voice CommandYesNoYes
Voice RecognitionYesNoYes
Secondry ControllerYesYesNo
Built-in Rechargable BatteryYesNoNo
- Must be tethered to Wii Remote
ResolutionBlue-ray powered HD with upto 1080 support480pHD with upto 1080p support

Clearly from the above comparison, both PS Move and Kinect easily wipes Nintendo Wii out of the competition. Where Kinect gives you the upper hand by providing controller-free gaming experience, PS Move allows up to 4 players to play the same game by using its 4 wireless Move controllers at the same time. Now its upon you whether you want to enjoy controller-free gaming or want to compete with 4 of your friends at the same time.

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