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How to Delete Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Hi5 & Twitter Account?

Tired of too much social networks? Want to delete the ones you don't use anymore? Here is a guide which will allow you to delete your Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Hi5 & Twitter account(s) easily. Before you may delete any social network account, make sure to backup your photos, messages or contacts (if possible).

Social Networks

Deactivate or Delete Facebook Account:

To deactivate use the following URL:

Deactivate Facebook Account
To delete your account forever, use the following URL:

Delete Facebook Account

Delete Orkut Account:

Using the URL below will delete your Orkut account only, not your Google Account:

Delete Orkut Account

Delete MySpace Account:

Vitising the URL below will delete your MySpace Account permanently. You can use the same email to re-register your account but you won't be able to get back your data (friends, messages, etc)

Delete MySpace Account

Delete Hi5 Account:

Use the following URL to cancel your MySpace account. Again this will delete all of your account data permanently and is not recoverable in any case.

Delete Hi5 Account

Delete Twitter Account:

To delete your Twitter account, use the following URL. Note that once you have deleted your Twitter account, you won't be able to use the same username again whenever you will create a new account.

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