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How to Remove Google & FastClick Ads from Cydia?

This a step-by-step guide to remove all Google and FastClick ads from Cydia to make it load faster. To apply this tweak, you have to SSH into your device and edit a file called package.js in directory. This guide is applicable to all models of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Steps to Block Google & FastClick Ads from Cydia:

  1. To SSH into your device, you must install OpenSSH and to access the files within root directory, you must install afc2add from Cydia. Download WinSCP from here and follow the guide here to SSH into your device. If you are on Mac, use this guide to SSH into your device through Cyberduck.
  2. Browse to Applications-> from your SSH client and find the file named package.js
  3. Cyberduck SSH

  4. Drag package.js on your desktop and open it with Notepad on Windows or with TextEdit if you are on Mac OS X.
  5. Now find if (depiction == null) and replace it with if (depiction == null || true) as shown in the screenshots below.
  6. Cydia Dipiction NULL
    Cydia Dipiction Find
    Cydia Dipiction True

  7. Thats it, now save the file and drag it back to and overwrite the old package.js app.

Reboot your device and open Cydia. Browse through any Cydia app and see the difference in speed yourself. Checkout the example below:

Cydia Ads Removed
LEFT: Before applying tweak, RIGHT: After applying the above tweak

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    Hans Olo10 years, 7 months ago

    Just installed latest Cydia update, noe the .js file is missing completely. How to get rid of this annoying ads now?

    maria10 years, 8 months ago

    On the latest version of Cydia it doesn’t have the ‘if (depiction == null)’ script, but instead has the fallowing;

    var depiction = package.depiction;
    if (depiction != null) {

    wut do?