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Facebook Launching Its Email Service on 15th Nov

Yeah, you read the title right. Facebook is unveiling its own email service on 15th Nov, 10 at an invite-only event in San Francisco, CA. There is no official statement from Facebook management regarding this but critics have confirmed the inauguration of Facebook web-mail service on coming Monday via credible inside resources.

It's an exciting news Facebook for fans as they can have their own address with, it could also be or as both of these domains are routed to The project is rumored to be named as "Project Titan" and is led by Paul Buchheit, a former employee of Google currently working for Facebook. Paul was the creator and lead developer of Google's Gmail service, hence we won't be wrong if we say that Facebook's email service will target Gmail users.

Facebook Email Event 15 Nov 2010

Facebook email service wouldn't be just an upgraded version of Facebook's current Inbox, it'll be a complete web-mail service just like Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail. Facebook email service is likely to be welcomed by large no. of Facebook users, but we'll have to wait and see what Facebook mail service has to offer to compete with other web-mail giants.

It's worth mentioning that Facebook doesn't have a good track record when we talk about privacy. Facebook email service will certainly cause concern among privacy cautious people, as using Facebook mail can put more private information in the hands of a social network. Let's see how Facebook addresses privacy concerns of public.

We'll keep you posted. Stay tuned for more updates. [via PCW]

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