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Internet Tethering on Windows Phone 7 Possible?

Microsoft is all set to unveil a series of Windows Phones 7 devices in coming month. If you are planning to get hold of a Windows Phone 7 device and you use tethering regularly, you may think again. Windows Phone 7 based new smart phones will not support tethering.

Windows Phone 7

As per BGR, the director of Windows Phone 7, Brandon Watson in an interview stated that tethering would be available on Windows Phone 7 provided the carriers allow it, hence it's up to the cellular companies to offer tethering to their customers. Right after this statement, a Microsoft's spokesman announced that Mr. Brandon actually misspoke and the official statement from Microsoft is that "Windows Phone 7 does not support tethering at all". There is not much ambiguity left about tethering in Windows Phone 7 after reading this statement.

For those who don't know, tethering is a process through which you can use internet on your PC over wireless media or via a USB cable. Your mobile phone basically acts as a wireless modem.

It's hard to say comment that how much tethering removal will effect Windows 7 Phones sales, but this is surely something hardcore techies would want in Windows Phone 7. Microsoft may introduce tethering feature in Windows Phone 7 later on, we'll have to wait and see.

A real question still remains - will users be able to unlock tethering feature as easily as they are able to do on iPhone?

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