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How to Appear Online to Only Selected Contacts on Windows Live Messenger 2011?

Unlike previous versions of Live Messengers, Windows Live Messenger 2011 not only comes with an amazing UI but also with some useful features. With Windows Live Messenger 2011, now you can appear online to selected contacts to whom you want to chat while appearing offline to all others.

Windows Live Messenger - Appear Online to This Person

Left: Before appearing online to Jacob, Right: After appearing online to Jacob

Apper Online/Offline to This Person

Left: Menu before appearing online, Right: Menu after appearing online

Windows Live Messenger - Appear Online to This Contact
To do this, just sign in as "Appear offline", right click on the contact(s) to whom you want to appear online and choose "Appear online to this person". To undo this, just right click on the same contact again and chose "Appear offline to this person".

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    Amal10 years, 3 months ago

    I followed your instruction, but still cannot appear online for a certain contact!!!

    Is there certain setting should be applied to messenger to apply this application??

    Awaiting for your advice.

    Thanks and best regards