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Google TV Launching on October 6, 12 in Response to Apple TV

Apple & Google rivalry saga continues. As anticipated, Google is launching its own Android based TV Box on 6th & 12th October at press events in New York and San Fransisco. Some new TVs will come with Google TV built-in and a separate box for TVs like Apple TV will be available as well.

Google TV

Google TV comes with a 1.2 GHz Atom processor, 4 GB memory, Wi-Fi, 2 USB & HDMI-out ports and webcam integration facility for video chat. Google TV brings the web experience to your television, you simply have to type in what you are looking for and Google TV does the rest for you. It displays the relevant results from web, cable, satellite and DVRs. A full web browser is built-in as well, giving you complete access to the internet all the times.

Here is a video demonstration of how Google TV works:

We'll share a complete review on Google TV as soon as it arrives. Stay tuned! [via cultofmac]

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