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Apple to Release New 11.6 Inch MacBook Air with Improved Specs

Apple is all set to unveil its new product line on Back to the Mac event to be held at 20th October. AppleInsider has confirmed via reliable resources that Apple will unveil a new redesigned 11.6 inch MacBook Air at the mega event.

MacBook Air

Current MacBook Air has 13.3 inch display. Apart from size reduction factor, new MacBook Air is expected to be equipped with a "SSD Card" (replacement of traditional "hard-disk drive" or "solid state drive") and "Nvidia MCP89" chipset.

New model could weigh as little as 2.7lbs, sport a unibody enclosure that makes some use of carbon fiber, and possibly include the first CPU microprocessors from AMD to find their way inside a Mac.

Price of new MAcBook Air isn't confirmed right now, but it would be less than the $1,499 price tag of current model.

Apparently, the current MacBook Air isn't doing quite well, so refreshing the product line with a smaller version of MacBook Air could be a nice move by Apple. We'll share more updates as soon as they are available. Stay tuned! [via AppleInsider]

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