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New iPod Nano 6G and iPod Shuffle Announced by Apple

Apple has unveiled new iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle at Apple Music Event held at Sept, 1st. iPod Nano has been completely redesigned, new Nano comes in a much compact shape with many interesting features, while new iPod Shuffle is back with buttons and better battery life.

New iPod Nano 2010

Steve Jobs called the new Nano a "super popular" device. New iPod Nano is now featuring multitouch functionality. The size has been reduced radically, it is 46% smaller and 42% lighter than its predecessor. With improved battery, it can play 24 hours of music on a single charge. New Nano will come in six colors and the price tag for the 8GB model is $149 and $179 for the 16GB model.

New iPod Shuffle 2010

iPod shuffle has been resigned as well. The Ring buttons are back with VoiceOver technology which enables users to select the songs and playlists without even looking at iPod Shuffle. New Nano has improved battery life, it can play 15 hours of music on a single charge. The new Shuffle will come in five different colors with 2GB of storage and will cost only 45$.

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