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Leaked Video of HP Slate Prototype Running Windows 7

HP Slate, the upcoming 8.9 inch multitouch tablet by HP whose price and specs were leaked this April has been caught running Windows 7. This leaked video of HP Slate has been published by some unknown user on YouTube and it definitely looks promising.

HP Slate
For those who don't know, HP-Slate will be featuring 1Ghz Atom processor with 8.9 inch multitouch screen and it will be fully capable of running Flash and Adobe AIR apps. According to the leaked prices, 32 GB model will be available for U.S. $549 and 64GB model will be available for U.S. $599.

One thing new in the above video is its 3 MP camera which was not listed in the leaked specs by Engadget. As you can see from the above video, the overall performance of the device is not that impressive as the screen is not much touch-sensitive as it should be while browsing the web. Again its a prototype, so the final release will be definitely come with more improvements. Mean while you might like to check this comparison chart between HP Slate and iPad.

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