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iTunes 10 Released | Download Now

iTunes 10 has been released and is available for download. This new version of iTunes 10 features a new iTunes logo, a new hybrid view and iTunes Ping service. With over 160 million active users and 11.7 billion song downloads, iTunes is about to ditch the CDs in sale, thats why Apple replaced the CD logo with new music note logo.

iTunes 10 at Apple Media Event 2010
iTunes 10 New Logo

If you have more than 5 songs who belongs to the same album, the new Hybrid view feature of iTunes will combine them in your list view with album art at the left side. With the new iTunes ping service, you can see what your friends and favorite artists are listening to and you can set up a circle of friends to share music with each other. In a nutshell, iTunes Ping is a social music discovery and just like Facebook and Twitter, you can follow people and be followed. [Images via Gizmodo]

Download iTunes 10 from Apple website.

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