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How To Delete / Copy Contacts From iPhone SIM Card?

Ever wanted to sale your old iPhone? The first thing you must do is to backup your contacts by copying all contacts from iPhone to your SIM card. As iPhone don't support copying contacts from its memory to your SIM card, so you need a third-party application called "SIManager". SIManager is an app which not only allows you to copy all of your iPhone's contacts to your SIM memory but also allows you to delete old contacts from your SIM.

SIM Card
To install SIManager, all you need is a jailbroken iPhone. If you haven't jailbreaked your iPhone yet, you can use Comex's JailbreakMe too to jailbreak your device. Once jailbroken, follow the step-by-step guide below to copy all of your contacts from your iPhone's memory to your SIM card.

How To Install SIManager Through Cydia:

  1. Open Cydia.
  2. Cydia

  3. Tap on the "Manage" tab at the bottom.
  4. Tap on the "Sources" tab.
  5. Cydia

  6. Click on "Edit" button on the top-right and then "Add" button on the top-left of Cydia add.
  7. Cydia

  8. Now Cydia will prompt you to enter new Cydia/APT URL. "SIManager" is available for FREE on all of the repositories below. You can add any of them to get "SIManager" app.


  10. Cydia will now automatically update your sources by following a series of automated steps.
  11. Cydia

  12. Thats it! Now click on the "Search" tab at the bottom and search for "SIManager"
  13. Cydia

  14. Click on "SIManager" and install it!
  15. Cydia

How To Use SIManager to Delete / Copy Contacts From SIM Card:

  1. This is it! After installing "SIManager", lauch the app.
  2. SIManager

  3. Click on "Empty SIM" to delete all existing contacts present in your SIM memory. If your SIM is already empty, then click "Copy iPhone to SIM" button to read all contacts from your iPhone's memory to SIM card.
  4. SIManager

  5. You will asked to confirm the action. Click "Ok" to continue.
  6. SIManager

  7. Now "SIManager" will display all the contacts after reading them from your iPhone's memory.
  8. SIManager

  9. Click on the "Write to SIM" at the bottom-right to start transferring contacts from your iPhone's memory to SIM card memory.
  10. SIManager

Once copied, take your SIM out of your iPhone and put it in your new cell phone to copy all contacts from it to phone's memory!

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