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Download Whos.Amung.Us App For Android

There is an unofficial Whos.Amung.Us app available for Android users which enables you to add the Whos.Amung.Us widget to your device home screen. This widget enables you to show the number of users online on your site using the Whos.Amung.Us service. You can download Whos.Amung.Us app through Android Market for FREE!

Whos Amung Us App for Android
If you are using "Advanced Task Killer" or any other generic "Task Killer" app, make sure to exclude it from the "Auto-Kill" list otherwise Whos.Amung.Us widget will not be able to update itself after every 5 mins.
Whos Amung Us App for Android
Whos Amung Us App for Android
Just download the app from the Android Market and install it. Once installed, tap on your home-screen until you see the "Add to Home screen" menu. Tap on Widgets and select Who's Amung Us widget, you will be prompted to enter your site name and key. Enter your correct site key and hit the OK button. Now you will see the Who's Amung Us widget on your home screen which will display current number of users online on your site. The widget will refresh itself after every 5 minutes.

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    ramazan recber11 years ago

    Thanks whos amung widget for my website very good…

    Justin Germino11 years ago

    As a blogger myself I actually don’t usually focus on real time “users” currently on my site, typically monitors can eat bandwidth and hurt site performance. I suppose this is good for real time metrics and comparing how many users actually leave comments compared to visit, and for finding out peak times of day when you get the most # of people online.