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Twitter for iPhone 3.0.1 / 3.0.2 Crashes on iPhone OS 3.1.x [Solved]

Many iPhone users on iPhone OS 3.1.2 / 3.1.3 are facing application crash issues while running official iPhone Twitter app. Problems with Twitter app emerge as soon as users upgrade it to latest versions - 3.0.1 / 3.0.2. Twitter support team has acknowledged this issue and it's working to bring a fix in the next update.

It may take a while for Twitter support team to resolve this issue. However, you can fix the issue yourself with a workaround. Logically speaking, as this is a bug in ver. 3.0.1 / 3.0.2, so reverting to old version of Twitter app should solve the problem. As Apple App store keeps updated version of apps only, the only possible way to install previous version of Twitter app is to use "Installous". If you haven't already installed Installous on your iPhone, follow our detailed tutorial given here for installation guidelines.

If you already have Installous installed on your iPhone, just follow these simple steps to get Twitter app back on your iPhone.

  1. Uninstall ver. 3.0.1 / 3.0.2 of Twitter app. For those who don't know how to uninstall - simply touch Twitter App logo on you Spring board and hold it till you see a "x" sign on top of it. Press "x" and the app will be gone.
  2. Twitter iPhone App Fix-4

  3. Launch Installous, go to "Search" and type "Twitter". Select the official app from Twitter Inc. with bird logo.
  4. Twitter iPhone App Fix-3

  5. Hit the download button at top right.
  6. Twitter iPhone App Fix-2

  7. As the issues are reported with ver. 3.0.1 / 3.0.2 so you will need to download ver. 3.0 of app. You can select any available source for ver. 3.0 from the list and continue download process.
  8. Twitter iPhone App Fix-1

That's all, you can now enjoy Twitter app on your iPhone. Hopefully, fix from Twitter support team will be available soon as well.

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    TwistingSoul11 years, 2 months ago

    The 3.0.1 versions are not currently listed in Installous as indicated above. It jumps from 2.1.2 to 3.0 to 3.1 on my iPhone, which is running 3.1.2 and obviously jailbroken.

    Omar11 years, 3 months ago

    3.0.1 works for me in my iPhone 2G with 3.1.2 firmware… 3.0.2 version is still not working =(