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Dev-Team Releasing iPhone 4 Unlock Tool in 48 Hours!

Much awaited JailbreakMe 2.0 tool also known as JailbreakMe (Star) was released by Comex earlier in morning. After few hours of Comex's announcement, Planetbeing (member of Dev-Team) confirmed via twitter that Ultrasn0w to unlock iPhone 4 will be released in next 48 hours. He and Musclenerd are conducting final testing before releasing Ultrasn0w.

This is what Planetbeing wrote in his tweet.

We will share a comprehensive how-to guide once Ultrasn0w for iPhone 4 is released by Dev-Team, stay tuned! In the mean, you can follow our following guides to jailbreak your iPhone via Comex's JailbreakMe tool.

Update 1: Unlock iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS iOS 4.0 / 4.0.1 With Ultrasn0w 1.0-1
Update 2: Ultrasn0w 1.1-1 Released! Standby Battery Life Issue Fixed!

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