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iPhone 4 Catches Fire! It Can Burn Your Hand!

iPhone 4 issues misery continue. We already know about iPhone 4 signal reception defect, now there is another dangerous issue reported! As per a report by BGR, iPhone 4 caught fire and burnt while being charged with its standard USB cable. This issue was brought into notice by a AT&T customer who showed a burnt iPhone 4 along with its melted USB cable to AT&T customer care center.

Have a look at the pictures of burnt iPhone 4 by BGR team who claims that these were sent by one of their close AT&T sources.

These images clearly show that iPhone 4 USB port is slightly burnt and melted while its USB cord is badly melted. BGR team collected more details about this issue via their AT&T and Apple sources and found out that there was actually something wrong with iPhone 4 USB port which led to this meltdown. Concern for Apple would be that if more of such cases show up at customer centers, Apple is already in quite a lot of trouble due to iPhone 4 signal strength as they seem unable to find a practical solution to this issue. Moreover, if this iPhone 4 meltdown was caused by a product issue than it's hazardous to human life as well as it involves fire! so let's hope this was a unique case.

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[via BGR]

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    Jack11 years, 3 months ago

    This guy forced the cable in backwards….this has been confirmed on serveral other sites and by AT&T employee