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A Short Film on Facebook’s Privacy Policy

Here is a superb short film created by Casey Neistat which emphasize on the fact that how blindly we people accept the Facebook's privacy policy and how Facebook sells our private information to earn hundreds of millions of dollars per year. I think, everyone on Facebook should see this video and let others know how the best social networking site on internet is playing with the privacy of over 400 million users worldwide to earn over 800 million U.S. dollars every year.

Facebook Privacy Policy

According to Casey Neistat, when we signup for a new Facebook account, we automatically accept 5830 words long Facebook's privacy policy just by clicking one "Signup" button. In other words, we sell our all personal data including photos, status updates, contacts, messages and even tags on photos to Facebook just by entering our name, email and password. Even after you remove information from your profile or delete you entire account, there is much possibility that copies of your account information may remain available elsewhere and can be used for advertising purposes.

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