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Top 10 Tips & Tricks for iPhone Beginners

If you are new to iPhone then here is a list of Top 10 Tips & Tricks which will save your precious time by enhancing your iPhone user experience and making your navigation process easy. The list includes iPhone hacks including shortcuts, access to hidden iPhone features and particularly Safari hacks which are definitely useful for new iPhone users. Please be assured that these tips and tricks are not bugs by any means, these features are actually available in iPhone OS but they aren't used frequently. So, go through these handy features, and use can use your iPhone more proficiently!

iPhone Tips and Tricks

  1. Clicking on status-bar at the top while reading message, email or a webpage will automatically scroll you to the top of the screen.
  2. iPhone Tips and Tricks

  3. While surfing web or other applications, double click on the "Home" button to show the iPod app popup which will allow you to change song, volume and close the iPod app without exiting from your current application.
  4. iPhone Tips and Tricks

  5. If you are in meeting and your iPhone is set to silent mode(vibration), tap on one of the "Volume" buttons to immediately silence your iPhone or click on the "Sleep/Wake" button twice to send the call directly to voicemail.
  6. Inorder to arrange app's icons on your home screen, hold your finder on one of the apps for some seconds until they start to jiggle. Now you can drag them around to rearrange. The little "x" button on the corner of the apps allows you to delete apps.
  7. iPhone Tips and Tricks

  8. If your iPhone goes into non-responding state due to any reason, you can do a Hard Reset by holding down the "Home" and "Sleep/Wake" button for about 10 seconds, ignoring the "Slide to turn off" message.
  9. Sometimes your iPhone is not picking up the signals in an area where other iPhone's are working fine, a quick solution to thisĀ situationĀ is to toggle your iPhone's "Airplane Mode" instead of restarting it which is a time-consuming process.
  10. iPhone Tips and Tricks

  11. While in safari, hold down the ".com" button for sometime until you see the other hidden options like ".net", ".org" and ".edu". Similarly while entering an email address, hold down the "." key to show other options like".jp", ".fr", ".es" and many more.
  12. iPhone Tips and Tricks

  13. Inorder to save an image from a webpage in Safari, click and hold on the image until you see options to "Save Image", "Copy" or "Cancel" the action. Clicking "Save Image" will save your image file to your iPhone's "Camera Roll".
  14. iPhone Tips and Tricks

  15. While in safari, double tap on a picture, column or a word to fit its width to your screen. Again double-tap to zoom out.
  16. iPhone Tips and Tricks

  17. Shaking your iPhone while typing a message or while using cut, copy paste option will "Undo" what you were typing. Similarly shaking again will "Redo" you last action.
  18. iPhone Tips and Tricks

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