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iPhone 4 Has Severe Signal Reception Problem!

Yup it true! iPhone 4 loses all of its signals as soon as you hold your iPhone on your left hand. Folks at IGM compared iPhone 4 signal reception strength vs iPhone 3GS reception strength and found that if you willl hold iPhone 4 in your left hand for 2-3 seconds, you will loose your active call due to poor signal reception by iPhone 4. I am not sure whether all of iPhone 4 users are experiencing this issue but acc. to comments at YouTube, not all iPhone 4 users are experiencing this issue.

iPhone 4 Fail

If this is true for all iPhone 4 then this would be a nightmare for Steve Jobs :D Do share with us in comments if you face the similar signal reception issue with your iPhone 4. Below is a funny comment by one YouTuber that i would like to share with you people :D

Steve Job will shortly advise iphone 4 users to cut their left hand off piror to using the phone!!

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