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iPhone OS 4.0 Flashlight Feature or Bug?

A new interesting flashlight feature has been spotted in iPhone 4.0 Beta-4, we aren't quite sure whether it's a feature or a bug. To test it, press your iPhone's home/sleep button thrice while viewing the lock screen, and your phone will go into flashlight mode showing a bright white screen. To turn off flashlight/torch mode and revert to normal screen, just press the button once more.

Here is a video showing iPhone 4.0 going into flashlight mode:

The flashlight feature looks quite handy, if you have an iPhone 3G/3GS, give it a try. As mentioned before, it might be a bug and Apple might take care of it in next beta along with other reported bugs, so we'll have to wait. Till then, you can enjoy this feature!

Just to update, Apple is expected to unveil iPhone OS 4.0 along with next generation iPhone 4G at the mega event - WWDC 2010. For our complete coverage on iPhone 4.0 OS, please visit here.

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