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Dell Streak (Unlocked) Coming to U.S in July, With $500 Price Tag!

Yes, you read it right. At D8 conference, Dell announced that they will be bringing Dell Streak also known as Dell Mini 5 to US in July! It will be unlocked and and most importantly it will be available at a reasonable price of $500. They are calling Dell Streak a hybrid device - it's bigger than an iPhone and smaller than an iPad, so it's a smartphone and a tablet all in one. UK/European customers will get their hands on Streak little early than US customers.

For those who don't know, Dell Streak is a super device which features 5-inch capacitive touch display, 5MP camera, 1Ghz Snapdragon ARM processor, front VGA camera, capacitive touch front buttons, GPS, 3G support with a SIM slot and Wifi, HSPA on WCDMA along with EDGE all on similar frequencies and support for Flash.

Have a look at video demo of Dell streak shown at D8 conference by Dell officials:

Dell Streak will be available sold via Dell's official website. I must say, with all these super features and $500 price tag, Dell Streak certainly looks a must buy gadget! We'll post more reviews once it'll hit the market, In the mean, you may go through our complete coverage on Dell Steak by visiting here.

[via engadget]

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