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Skype to Introduce Ads to Continue Free Service?

Skype, as we all know is one of the top companies in providing free and quality VOIP Call services to its customers on all kind of operating systems including Windows, MAC, Windows Mobile and iDevices. The company also plans to introduce free "five-way video calling" in coming weeks, along with it the company is planning to take some necessary measures to continue its free services. Mashable has recently interviewed Skype CEO Josh Silverman, who stated that they are "seriously thinking" to introduce third party Ads.

Few more words from Josh Silverman interview:

"It's challenging to get right as the way people use is Skype is very personal but we think our users expect us to do it so we can continue to support free. But it will be done in a tasteful way"

Well, there will be mixed user opinion, majority of users wouldn't have any issue with Ads as long as they are introduced in a "tasteful" manner, since Skype has operated ad-free for so long, on contrary some users would show a strong reaction no matter how the Ads are introduced.

Let's see how Skype tackles the situation. In the mean, you may like to go through following posts:

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