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Play PacMan On Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch For Free

Apple seems to have no plans to support Flash on iPhone OS platform, thats why they are in process of developing a flash alternative called Gianduia which will be used for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIA). The stock Safari web-browser of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad don't render Flash content but it do support HTML5 apps like Gmail app for iPad. The famous arcade game PacMan has been ported to iPhone OS platform.

PacMan on iPhone
PacMan was originally developed by Namco in 1980 and it was first released in Japan. This HTML5 clone of PacMan is known as CapMan and you can play it through the stock Safari browser of your iDevice by vising this page. If you want to test it on your computer's browser then you can start the game by pressing Z key on keyboard.

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