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Another iPhone 4G / HD Prototype Leaked in Vietnam! [Photos and Video]

Another Apple iPhone 4G/HD prototype has been spotted in Vietnam! As per publisher, the device was bought in America, from a Vietnamese businessman. The device is almost a ditto of iPhone prototype released by Gizmodo previously, other than couple of changes like memory indication (16GB) at the back and there are no screws next to the Dock Connector. Have a look at leaked photos of iPhone 4G and its tear-down:

This one looks slightly more polished than previous prototype, so we might pretty well be the final version of iPhone 4G! What do you think? Some kind of testing software/firmware named "Infero" is also running on iPhone 4G. Video of Vietnam iPhone 4G prototype:

I fail to understand why Apple is having a hard time in getting hold of its next generation iPhones, something is really going wrong somewhere. To read complete story Gizmodo-Apple Controversy, visit here. Apple is expected to release iPhone 4G at WWDC 2010, on June 7th.

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[via Gizmodo]

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