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iPhone Firmware 4.0 Ported To iPhone 2G

We all know that Apple announced while releasing Firmware 4.0 that it will not be available on iPhone 2G, later on, Steve Jobs replied to an email and confirmed that "there will be no future updates and support for iPhone 2G". Well, we never said that hackers won't give it a try, yes, a team of developers is working on customizing Firmware 4.0 to be available for all iPhone 2G users.

These are same guys who collaborated on the development of UNIX for the European Community, and they also work on the code of Windows 95 and 97 and created a custom firmware for PSP and Nintendo. Bringing 4.0 OS to iPhone 2G won't be an easy task to do, but the team is working hard to prove it true, as a proof they have shared a snapshot showing iPhone 4.0 running on iPhone 2G.

The project will certainly be cherished by iPhone 2G owners, as they would also be able to enjoy iPhone 4.0 OS features. For our complete coverage on iPhone 4.0 and its Jailbreaking, please visit here.

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