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iPad 3G Video Restrictions – YouTube, Netflix and ABC Apps Not Working on AT&T

Some thing interesting has popped out about recently released iPad 3G. iLounge has shared a report mentioning that video streaming iPad applications behave differently on 3G cellular network than they do on a WiFi hotspot. Apps including Youtube and Netflix stream videos on very low resolution and some apps like ABC don't work at all on 3G network, iPad shows-up this message: "Please connect to WiFi network to use this application. Cellular networks are not supported at this time".

Well these video streaming restrictions actually kill the purpose of buying an iPad 3G(In U.S. currently), as both WiFi and 3G iPads are almost similar, only difference is that iPad 3G has a SIM slot for using 3G cellular networks data services when you are not in a WiFi hotspot. Initial notion that comes to mind after noticing these video restrictions on iPad 3G is that AT&T has put them on purpose, but this could be wrong, may be Apple is the one putting these restrictions! Have a look at following comments/tweets:

TechCruch Official:

I reached out to AT&T for comment on what’s going on. Are we going to see AT&T restricting services again? The only response I got was, "That’s something you need to ask Apple."

AT&T Spokesman:

An AT&T spokesperson has responded with the following, "It’s just a question for Apple." That’s almost an Apple-like response

Business Insider's Dan Frommer:

The ABC is wifi only on purpose. I believe rights play a role. (they’re different on wifi vs 3G) sounds dumb but true. abc told me "the decision was based on a variety of business and technical considerations." but no details.

No statement from Apple has arrived yet, but after reading these comments, it seems that Apple made AT&T to deliberately downscale and block these video apps. There could be numerous reasons ranging from technical issues to cost etc. Apple/AT&T may lift these restrictions in future in customer's interest, not sure though. We'll keep you informed.

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UPDATE: ABC iPad App With 3G Streaming Coming to iPad 3G, details here.

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